iPod sync on Amarok (Ubuntu)

Amarok flashI decided to try to synchronize my iPod with my Ubuntu laptop hoping that I could easily add a few nice features to my home set-up.

  • Synchronize new music to my iPod from my laptop and avoiding the hassle to synchronize i-tunes with my network harddrive
  • Synchronize play statistics and ratings

After formatting the iPod and pluging it in, everything is (almost) plug-and-play. The experience is as good as with i-tunes. There is one exception; no good error handling of the iPod becoming full. So manually controlling the lists synced over is necessary. Album artwork is also included in the sync. The connection is a old USB standard which shows when the laptop has high CPU load from other processes -resulting in timeout of the sync (which is not really error handled either).


All in all; better then I hoped for and I’ve left i-tunes. Even though I do miss the album cover navigation in i-tunes..

Brief update: after using this for a while now it works really well. The only glitch is some cover art not syncing over correctly when getting into timeout or iPod full-situations. I can live with that though. Waiting for the cover art navigation to reach Amarok..


~ by Mikko on 06 November 2007.

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