Ubuntu 7.10 – Gutsy

GutsyI really wanted Ubuntu Gutsy to be good. But it’s not mature..
After all I did wait a month or so after the official releas, but still. I tried to start digging in a couple of different ends but they all lead to the same conclusion -not good enough.

  • My HP nw8240 laptop doesn’t start at all with the Live CD -and I’ve tried many different ways of getting it going.
  • My old desktop is starting but;
  • The legay NVIDIA card is not working
  • My USB wireless is not working

I don’t dare trying Gutsy on my music box.

My advice for now; stay on old Ubuntu versions until this has had some more months to grow stable. Or maybe buy a Dell that is Gutsy-proof..


~ by Mikko on 17 November 2007.

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