Still no (good) video calling on Ubuntu

•10 October 2007 • Leave a Comment

A new version of Skype is released for Linux (Ubuntu Feisty Fawn). I was really hoping for video calling to be enabled since this is the one feature I’m missing in general on Ubuntu. But no. The new version is cleaned up and more stable -but no video. I tried Ekiga, a SIP calling client, that seems to work with a lot of hassle -but it’s not easy enough.

So, unfortunately, no video calling is still a big drawback on the Linux box.

Read more about Skype 1.4 for Linux

Search engine optimization (SEO)

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You would think that Google finds your site and makes it accessible in the search. Reconsider. There are a number of factors to take into account. The main parts are Meta-tags in your header page and a “robots.txt” file in your web root. Of course these follow certain standards that you need to (somewhat) understand (or copy paste at least).
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WordPress translation

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The devil is in the details
Just finished a battle with WordPress and FTP. Some of the stylesheets and the local translation file (.mo) did not load properly. After some trouble I found out that since my FTP transfer was happening from a Linux box (Unix base) and the server is also Unix based the transfer needed to be Binary and not ASCII. Unbelievable that these things are still not in sync in the standards and you need to get into protocol stuff on a simple ftp transfer.

WordPress 2.3 released

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Some minor changes that I could spot so far. Read more..

Gutsy Gibbons

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The next major version of Ubuntu is released in Beta. Read more..

Whats the purpose

•29 September 2007 • Leave a Comment I figured this is the place where I collect my private contributions and learnings of the Internet. I’ll try it out and see where it leads..